Black History is American History

We’ve approached the end of another Black History Month where America attempted to recognize all things Black for 28 days. Here at BlackRoots Alliance, we know that Black history is made 365 days a year. Black history is American History, our ancestors built the foundation of this country and we, as their descendants, are committed to improving it!

Our partners are changing the course of history. Equity and Transformation (EAT) launched the Chicago Futures Fund, a guaranteed income program that is interrupting cycles of poverty in the lives of formerly incarcerated people. Grow Greater Englewood’s Nature Trail is reclaiming the physical land for the self-determination of Black community spaces. Earthseed Black Family Archive Project’s Ancestral Reparations Cohort is healing family histories by looking to a future where harm is repaired. Black people are leading innovative work concerning reparations, health, and economic security. 

Black History Month is a month to celebrate Black accomplishments and imagine bright, Black futures. We are eager to move forward in this new year with absolute conviction that our people will continue to press on toward new heights of transformative justice. One way we are transforming the criminal legal system is through our Survivor’s Healing Project, where we’re reimagining community safety and exploring prison abolition with a committee of sexual assault, violence, and harassment survivors. For more information about this work contact Tomicka Glenn at [email protected]

BlackRoots Alliance is conducting a city-wide project in collaboration with the Black Public Defenders Association (BPDA) and a Northwestern University research team. We want to hear from the Black community about their experiences with safety and the criminal legal system to then host more meaningful community forums and craft policy demands for supporting safe and thriving communities. If you’re interested in being interviewed please contact Gabby Green at [email protected] or Lorne Runnels at [email protected]

BlackRoots Alliance is expanding the conversation around what it means to build toward Black liberation. We learn from our history so that we can intentionally shape the future. For this reason, we’re supporting community-led visions of thriving by incorporating everyone’s dreams into creating a new world that centers our freedom. For more information on how you can get involved please contact us!

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