Seeding the Future Program

Seeding the Future Leadership Development Program invests in activists and community leaders who have ideas that express, inspire, and build toward Black liberation at the community level. This is done by investing in the financial and social futures of on-the-ground experts who are organizing and fighting for their neighborhoods. During the program, participants receive a stipend and develop their leadership skills through coaching, experience, and workshops.



The goal of this program is to bring people together to explore new opportunities for their neighborhoods and sow seeds that could result in increased community and civic engagement, improved relationships with neighbors, and other elements of social change. The leader’s projects have a long-term goal of creating stronger communities and getting people more involved in the decisions that are made about their neighborhoods.



Quote on the Program:

  • “This experience was amazing. It was my first time in 15 yrs working with people who look like me and creating change in spaces they have support. I’d also never seen a collaboration between two organizations that lead to a fellowship.” - Tycee Bell


Stay tuned for the announcement of the second round of program participants!