Juneteenth Recap

For two powerful days, BlackRoots Alliance honored Juneteenth by leading a discussion on the fight for Black liberation. For the first day, we had a panel of speakers to discuss reparations, how reparations can lead to liberation, and the current structures prohibiting Black imagination. On the second day, we reflected on our personal role in the fight for Black freedom, took time to heal from generational trauma with an instructor, and then ended with a commitment to champion the decolonization of Black folks.

Our panelists represented some very dope organizations including Sistas in the Village, Ujimaa Medics, and Media 2070. All of these individuals were able to speak to concepts of community safety, urban gardening, police brutality, storytelling, self-care, and a better future for all Black people. Some of the most dynamic quotes from our speakers were:

  • "We need to have agency over the land that we own and generational wealth is tied to that." Bweza Itaagi for Sistas in the Village
  • "We hear about people getting a bag well we're trying to get the land." Mecca Bey for Sistas in the Village
  • "Reparations and liberation aren't the same thing." Martine Caverl for Ujimaa Medics
  • "Black folks from the diaspora are owed reparations for the harm caused especially by media." Diamond Hardiman for Media 2070

Our mission is to support the safety and liberation of all Black people, promote Black leadership and cultivate Black-centered community transformation as we work collectively to build social, economic, and racial justice, heal our communities and fundamentally transform our society. This Juneteenth event was developed from the core of who we are and why we do this work; our fundamental love for all Black people. Please sign our "fight for reparations" pledge card right here!

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